Friday, July 16, 2010

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting - June Dessert

I love that I donated a free-year of homemade dessert to the Bachelor Auction because it guarantees me at least one opportunity to bake a month. This month I was asked to make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Again, I went to the Cake Doctor for inspiration. I used her Classic Yellow Cake recipe: plain yellow cake mix, a packet of vanilla pudding, milk, eggs, oil, and vanilla extract. And I used her Fluffy Chocolate Frosting: butter, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, milk and vanilla.

Both turned out well and the cake wasn't too difficult to frost. There were some other frosting options but all of her notes said "Frost quickly as this will set fast." No thanks man.

I hope everyone enjoyed the cake. I should hear from her soon about what she wants this month, but I think it might be another Key Lime Pie. No need to repost if that's the case.

Note about adding pudding: The Cake Mix Doctor recommends using Duncan Hines mixes when she calls for "plain" cake mix. The other brands already have pudding in them. You could certainly add extra pudding but it causes the cake to shrink and be a bit gooey. So when she calls for a plain mix, that's what she means, or she says you could buy another kind and not add pudding. But she recommends against doubling it up.

That being said, a Pilsbury yellow cake mix with an addition package of vanilla pudding makes an aaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome dense, moist, slightly gooey bundt cake. We used to actually make ones of those a week, and then we realized wait...that's a lot of cake for us to be eating. So we stopped. Probably a good call.

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