Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodness, Gracious, Great Coconut Cake Balls of Fire!

I haven't had the opportunity to make cake balls in a hot minute. It takes a bit of effort, so I usually only make them for specific events. Hosting a jewelry party seemed specific enough. I had been mulling around with the idea of a Mounds-type cake ball. And I think these did the trick.

I used a Coconut Cake mix this go round, which is more difficult to find than one might think. Thanks, Harris Teeter. I wanted to make sure the coconut really stood out, so I added some toasted shredded coconut as well. I know you know the drill, but I'll post the ingredients and recipe again just for you!

Coconut Cake Balls
  • 1 box coconut cake mix (plus ingredients to bake the cake)
  • 1 can (8oz) Whipped White Frosting
  • 1c toasted shredded coconut
  • Chocolate baking bark
  1. Bake cake as directed and let cool completely.
  2. Crumble cake in to a BIG bowl.
  3. Add entire can of frosting and combine.
  4. Scoop into balls (tablespoon of mix) and chill in fridge.
  5. Melt chocolate bark, coat cake balls and chill until set.
Everyone loved them. And they were taken home to a number of significant others to share. I think adding the toasted coconut was a great idea.

I know that sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. If it happens to be one of your more nutty times, you could roll the cake balls around in some crushed toasted almonds after you dip them in the chocolate.

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  1. Man, I wish I could have been there to taste these!