Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bacon Rice Krispies Treats

Dear Bacon,

We've been apart for far too long.

Hogs and kisses,


Get it? Get it? Hogs, not hugs! Because it's bacon...

Aaaaaaanyways, while peddling my baked goods around Duke Camp Out this weekend, I was asked if any of them contained bacon. The answer, surprisingly, was no. Regardless, word of my bacon exploits spread and I was requested to make a treat of e-pig (and she's back!) proportions.

I have made Bacon Rice Krispies Treats once before. It was for a church breakfast gathering. WAIT WAIT! Before you judge, think about it: bacon, cereal (with marshmallows) and butter. This is just your run-of-the-mill breakfast fare. And they were a hit; Nobel Prize worthy, I was told.

Like I am prone to do with these types of treats, I won't be putting up a full recipe. But I'll still give you the need to know.

Bacon Rice Krispies Treats

  • Your favorite Rice Krispies Treats recipe
  • 1 pkg. cooked and crumbled bacon
  1. You know the drill.
Tip: Mix the bacon into the cereal before you add it to the mallows.

Yes, you read correctly: one whole package of bacon. But if you look at the picture, you'll notice the proportions work out well. I find that broiling the bacon is quick and easy and a good way to get it extra crisp.

I took these to Trivia Night. There was moaning (and not the wailing/gnashing of teeth kind, the good kind). And THEN I let them try the bacon treats. High-oh! I kid! I kid!

I also got a "If you weren't married..." from a hot guy with an accent. That should count for at least double.

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  1. Went with Cocoa Krispies, def a great move.