Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chocolate Covered Pop Tart Mini Crisps

Deceived! I purchased a box of Pop Tart Mini Crisps with the idea that they would be much more mini and much less crisps. They don't even have any fruit filling in them! They are just "strawberry-flavored."

Regardless, I knew that they would taste good covered in chocolate, so I pressed on, cursing Kelloggs along the way. 

Chocolate Covered Pop Tart Mini Crisps

Ingredients and directions: I would tell you to make an educated guess, but you people concern me, so I'll lay it out for you, just in case. Melt baking bark of choice. Dip crisps in chocolate. Refrigerate until set.

I originally had plans to only cover them in milk chocolate. However, as they are not actually miniature Pop Tarts, they weren't as covered in white chocolate as I would have hoped, so I decided to use both kinds of baking bark. And I'm glad I did!

These mini Pop Tart fake outs are tasty in and of themselves. Covering them in chocolate just gave them an additional layer of crispiness and sweetness, which, good times, I am right? Yes, I am.

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