Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cotton Candy Cake Balls

Forget making the trek to the ballpark (LAME!) or county fair to get your cotton candy fix because I am bringing it to you with these super sugary, super sweet and super awesome cake balls!

These were so friggin' good that, regardless of their shape, I couldn't not post the recipe right away. Maybe I should consider changing the name of my blog to Ball-Shaped and Chocolate Covered Treats with Some Other Good Stuff Thrown In.  I have grand plans to share something shaped like a square next week.

Anyroundthings...I was inspired by the Cake Mix Doctor's Cotton Candy Cupcakes. I used her base cake recipe and pulled together the frosting from a number of different sources, switching up a few ingredients and, of course, the directions.

For the complete, cavity-filled recipe, visit Foodbeast.

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