Friday, September 2, 2011

Chocolate-Covered Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs

And she's back! One week of a hot chocolate-covered mess was all I needed to get my head back in the game. (I still gag just a little when I think about those green olives.)

When Foodbeast featured Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs as a new product, I knew I had to cover them in chocolate as soon as humanly possible. But at first it seemed like it wasn't in the cards. For months I scoured the snack aisle at the grocery only to be disappointed over and over again. While I was in Colorado I found a bag, but didn't figure they would travel well on my trek home.

So last week, during my shopping exploits, I noticed that they were everywhere. Done and done.

 (See what I did there with the fancy placement?)

Chocolate Covered Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs

Ingredients: puffs and baking bark. 
Directions: melt bark, dip puffs, chill to set.

How could these not be anything other than awesome? (I ask that of myself everyday.) Both the white and regular chocolate bark paired well with the flavor of the puffs. I didn't have a preference, meaning you should try both.

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