Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mudslide Cookies

Have you ever had a Mudslide at TGIFriday's? It’s a chocolate-y, milkshake-y cocktail of vodka, Bailey’s, Kahlua, ice cream, and awesomeness. Sometimes you might go to Friday’s just to have one and sometimes you just aren’t super motivated. For those times, I suggest snagging a bottle of TGIFriday's Mudslide mix (just add ice…and lots of Hershey’s syrup) from your local package store. And, if you have to have some left over, make these cookies!

I got the base recipe from How Sweet Eats and traded the Bailey’s in the original recipe for Mudslide mix. And I added a super important step: dunk the dough in more mudslide before you bake it!

 Mudslide Cookies

For the full booze-filled recipe, visit Foodbeast.

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