Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chocolate-Covered Sweet Potato Tater Tots

Quick post about a not-so-great chocolate-covered creation. I had some leftover sweet potato tater tots (which Carl thinks, and I agree, should be called sweet po-tater tots) that we weren't going to eat. I should have figured that if we weren't impressed with them, then covering them in chocolate might not be an improvement. But one can't always predict such things.

Chocolate-Covered Sweet Potato Tots

Easy enough: Bake the tots (my first mistake), melt the chocolate, coat the tots (maybe or maybe not my second).

Like I said, we weren't impressed. I say baking was my first mistake because I think we would have gotten a totally different experience if they had been fried. So next time (yes, I'm trying it again) I'll use REGULAR tater tots, which will already be an improvement, fry them, coat them and see how it goes. 

Although I have a pretty good track record, you can't win them all (yes, I know everyone is thinking about the olives). And I'm okay with that.


  1. Have you tried it yet with regular Tater tots? I'm throwing a dessert shower for a friend who's obsessed with Tater tots. I thought about chocolate covered Tater tots and am curious if anyone else has ever tried it!

  2. I haven't. I'm sure they would taste great though. However, you HAVE to deep fry them. It will make it so much better.