Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peeps-filled Cupcakes with Marshmallow Peeps Frosting

When most people say they are making “Peeps cupcakes,” they mean they are going to just make cupcakes, frost them and then stick a Peeps chick on top. Not my style. So I knew, I needed to fit as many chicks and bunnies into my cupcakes as possible. (Yes, it’s before Easter, yet I have purchased package upon package of Peeps already.  A. Because they are still cheep—GET IT!?!?—before the holiday, and B. Well, I just love to make things with them.)  So these cupcakes are filled with Peeps and the frosting is made from Peeps. What.

Peeps-filled Cupcakes with Marshmallow Peeps Frosting

For the full recipe that not just for chicks (it's for bunnies, too), visit Foodbeast.

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  1. If there is any perfect cupcake that I have seen for a long time then THIS IS IT. Looks heavenly.