Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red, White, and Blue Swedish Fish

As July 4th approaches, the Internet is being flooded with patriotic recipes to wow your friends at the upcoming 4th of July picnic, so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. I took a trip to the grocery in search of red things to cover in white chocolate and blue sugar crystals. Strawberries? Nah. Twizzlers? No thanks. And then I found Swedish Fish. Sold! Huh, would they now be considered Swedish-American Fish? 

Red, White, and Blue Swedish Fish

  • 8oz bag of Swedish Fish
  • 2.25oz container of blue sugar crystals
  • 2 bricks of white chocolate baking bark
  1. Pour sprinkles into bowl for easy dipping action.
  2. Melt chocolate in a bowl in the microwave.
  3. Dip Swedish Fish (tail first!) about 2/3rds of the way into the white chocolate and then 1/3 into the blue sprinkles.
  4. Place on wax paper to set (fridge is quicker but not necessary).
How cute are these things? Adorbs, I think. And quite tasty too! If you are looking for something a little different to take to an Independence Day bash, these are a quick, easy, and quirky alternative.


  1. I read this post when you first published it last year, and decided to give it a go-around this July 4th. HUGE SUCCESS! Everyone scarfed down the "American Fish." Love your blog, and while I cringe at pizza roll cupcakes and velveeta cookies, you truly are brilliant!

  2. So glad the fish were well received!